Protein bars as meal replacements

To continue off where I left last time, I wanted to look at how protein bars could help you by giving you a healthy meal replacement when you need it.

Many Americans don’t eat breakfast, and many skip lunch as well if they are busy at work, which is where easy and quick protein bars can be very useful.  These bars have 2-300 calories usually with a whopping amount of protein.

Now before you start eating these for all your meals there is one thing I will leave with you as a warning.  Many protein bars are simply candy bars in disguise.  Take the time to look at the ingredients and see if they are healthy or not.

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Up Your Energy with Creatine

Creatine supplements can help you have more energy in stressful situations.  Normally the body produces some creatine by itself and we get some from meat, but our muscles still have room for more.  Supplements are a way to fill them up.


Creatine is stored by muscles and is involved in a key process to create more ATP.  ATP as you may know is the basis for energy in all muscle cells.  It follows then that if you have more creatine you can more easily regenerate ATP.  This will give you energy in those high stress activities you find yourself doing.


Get Alert America!

It seems that Americans are failing to keep focus throughout the day because of all the responsibilities they have.  Who has time to go to the gym after working all day and taking care of kids and chores?  I see that many people struggle to go to the gym and even when they get there they’re tired and lethargic and don’t get the results they want.

Wake up With Pre Workout Supplements

Here’s the thing, we can use supplements to boost our mental alertness and focus when we need it the most.  I learned all about them and the way that they work is by using caffeine, arginine, and other ingredients you can stimulate your muscles and mind.

This means that not only can you have energy to go to the gym but you can actually workout hard enough that you will see results from your hard work.

The New American Plague: Hip Flexor Injuries

Every year the average American worker sits for 2000 hours!  What this does is tighten your hip flexors and cause a whole host of other problems.  This post will address information that you NEED to know.

When you get a hip injury you must heal it properly otherwise it will just keep coming back, especially if you are sitting a lot.

One of the most important parts of healing a hip flexor injury is to have an effective strengthening program after the injury is healed. To have an effective program we need to have a solid core of strengthening exercises to perform; at the base of your strengthening program should be leg raises.

Hip Flexor Injury Rehab Exercise: Leg Raises

Once you are through with resting and the pain in your Hip flexor subsides, you can start rehabilitating it. Leg raises are phenomenal exercises because they work just about every hip flexor muscle that you have. They do require a substantial effort, so it is best initially to focus on doing just a few controlled repetitions rather than trying to do a high amount of sloppy repetitions.

  • To perform leg raises lie flat on the ground with your hands at your sides
  • Lift your legs in a slow, controlled motion as high as you can
  • Lower your legs slowly, again in a movement that is as controlled as possible

If you base your Hip Flexor injury recovery program off of leg raises, you will see significant improvements in strength.